Sunday, May 17, 2015


Creative Global Concepts is a full IT solutions company that offers services including Website Development, Database Design and Programming, Custom Web Application Development, Mobile App Development, Educational Technology Services, Instructional Package Development, E-Learning, Mobile learning,  freelance activities and IT consultancy. We provide unsurpassed information technology consulting services and solutions to clients that align technology with every day running of their various organizations. We develop innovative, high impact, cost effective communication tools to help ease your organization management processes and operations.
We assure you quality and a well customized organization management system that would meet your need and give you the necessary advantage in the most effective and efficient way.
We have a team of seasoned IT professionals who evaluate institutions to identify its real and specific needs and appropriately advice and recommend the deployment of the E-application that brings the desired efficiency and excellence in the data management of the institution.
Our rich experience enables us to transform ideas into brilliant results. We devote time and resources to reach individual project to ensure total satisfaction in our work. By understanding your institution system, we can deliver solutions that are elegant, economical, and on target. We love creating applications that exceed your expectations. We do this because we simply love the challenge of new tasks, the joy of bringing an idea or design to life. Simply put we have all found the job we love, when you love what you do you can't help but be great at it.
We routinely use a mixture of programming platforms, depending on the application, including but not limited to:
ü  Languages: HTML, DHTML, ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, XML, PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, PLSQL
ü  Platforms: Windows 98/2000/XP/7/8, UNIX, LINUX, .Net Framework
ü  Databases: MSSQL, Oracle, MYSQL.
ü  Servers: IIS7, SQL Server, Apache, LINUX.
ü  Technologies: SOAP, Web Services, ADO.Net, ODBC, OLE, JDBC, .Net framework, XML
ü  Applications: Joomla, Moodule, Wordpress,

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